Leila Nikdel

Leila Nikdel

Postdoctoral Associate

Expertise: Building Energy Efficiency, Human-building Interaction, Building Science, Building Energy Simulation

Dr. Leila Nikdel is a postdoctoral associate at the Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) at Virginia Tech. She has 6 years of research experience in the building science and sustainability, and expertise in building energy simulation and advanced data analysis techniques. Additionally, she has over 7 years of work experience in architecture, building design, and construction. Dr. Nikdel received her B.S. in Architectural Engineering from Iran University of Science and Engineering (IUST) and M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from Shahid Beheshti University. She earned a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering from Clarkson University with the specialization on sustainable buildings and energy.

Recent Publications:

Nikdel, L., Schay, A.E.S., Bosworth, D., Hou, D., & Powers, S.E. (2020). “Assessment  of Uncertainties Associated with Occupant Behavior in Building Energy Simulation for Student Housing,” [In press, Journal of Building Performance Simulation]

Nikdel, L., Schay, A.E.S., Hou, D., & Powers, S.E. (2020). “Data-driven Occupancy Profiles for Student Housing,” [In press, Energy and Buildings Journal]

Nikdel, L., Schay, A.E.S., Hou, D., & Powers, S.E. (2020). “Datasets for Occupancy Profiles in Student Housing for Occupant Behavior Studies and Application in Building Energy Simulation,” [In press, Data in Brief]

Nikdel, L., Janoyan, K., Bird, S.D., & Powers, S.E. (2018). “Multiple perspectives of the value of occupancy-based HVAC control systems,” Building and Environment (129), 15-25. DOI: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2017.11.039


Contact information

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