Georg Reichard

Georg Reichard

Dr. Reichard is an Affiliated Research Faculty of Analytics of the Virginia Center for Housing Research.



Expertise: Building Sciences, Programming, Object Modeling, Data Modeling, Numerical Simulation, Integrated Systems, Building Performance, Building Materials, Decision-making, Software Development, Enclosure Systems


Dr. Reichard is an Associate Professor of Building Construction and a principal faculty member of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction at Virginia Tech. His research deals with numerical methods, simulation & data modeling, in particular in the area of building sciences. In his current research, he focuses on building performance, energy efficiency in buildings, retrofitting solutions, systems integration, integrated control strategies and smart building materials – using modeling and simulation assessment techniques to improve our buildings, their systems, and their operational processes. Georg Reichard holds a Masters Degree and a Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering from Graz University of Technology.


Recent Publications:

Chen, K., Reichard, G., & Xu, X. (2019). Opportunities for Applying Camera-Equipped Drones towards Performance Inspections of Building Facades. In Computing in Civil Engineering 2019: Smart Cities, Sustainability, and Resilience (pp. 113-120). Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers.

Agee, P., Kleiner, B., McCoy, A., Zhao, D., Reichard, G., & Paige, F. (2019). Human Factors of High Performance Multifamily Housing. ASHRAE Transactions, 125(1), 273-281.

Contact information

410 Bishop-Favrao Hall (0156)
1345 Perry St
Blacksburg, VA 24061