New VHDA Innovation Grant on 3D Concrete Printing


Dr. Andrew McCoy and Dr. Philip Agee have been awarded a $500,000, 1 year grant by Virginia Housing (formerly VHDA) to design and produce Virginia's first 3D printed concrete home, to study appropriate markets for this innovative technology and to engage K-12, college and professionals in new curriculum around the technology.  Through the Virginia Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech, Drs. McCoy and Agee will partner with Alchemy Community Transformations of Iowa, Better Housing Coalition of Richmond and Century Concrete (partnering with our board member Preston White) of Virginia Beach to develop an affordable housing unit with the goal of making it scalable across Virginia’s communities and beyond.  Besides the scalability of 3D printing, the team will explore design and constructability challenges and opportunities for integrating on-site and off-site building services systems (e.g., heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic water heating).  They are using Danish technology called COBOD 2 ( whose modular printing configuration adapts to any site and any design.  For more information, please contact Andrew directly at