Affordable Housing

VCHR supports localities and organizations through data-driven analysis to help improve affordability.

Here goes the actual language of how the VCHR engages in terms of affordable housing - with the latest news in this category listed right below. Projects related to this focus area will be listed left and related publications on the right ...

Latest News & Announcements

New VHDA Innovation Grant on 3D Concrete Printing

Dr. Andrew McCoy and Dr. Philip Agee have been awarded a $500,000, 1 year grant by Virginia Housing (formerly VHDA) to design and produce Virginia's first 3D printed concrete home, to study appropriate markets for this innovative technology and to engage K-12, college and professionals in new curriculum around the technology.  Through the Virginia Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech, Drs.


Dr. Freddy Paige, Dr. Andrew McCoy and Zach Gould presented at INCREaSE, an international conference on engineering and sustainability.  The keynote highlighted many of the research directions where VCHR is leading the way through innovation in technology, research and education.  The team's trip was part of a recent EU grant with the University of Algarve (Portugal) to train and provide knowledge on innovative skills in the future workforce.