The Virginia Center for Housing Research

The Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) is the official housing research and information center for the Commonwealth of Virginia and is an interdisciplinary college research center in Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

VCHR provides services to localities, the state, federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit businesses.

VCHR’s mission is to serve as an interdisciplinary research and information source on housing. In carrying out its mission, VCHR works closely with state agencies, municipalities, businesses and non-profit organizations to provide research-based information and technical assistance.

VCHR provides publically available, easily accessible housing and affordability data. VCHR has published numerous reports on topics such as housing markets and affordability; preservation of federally-assisted, low-income housing; regulatory impacts on affordable housing; public-private housing partnerships; and diffusion of innovative housing technologies in residential construction. VCHR’s recent research on sustainability and building technology is recognized nationally.

VCHR’s vision is to create and leverage cutting-edge research to improve the affordability, sustainability, and quality of housing. Further, the VCHR is committed to implementing a research agenda that will address and find solutions to the most critical housing needs of Virginia and the nation.

In addition, VCHR offers research-based information and technical assistance to government agencies, municipalities, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Research Areas

Housing Affordability

VCHR supports localities and organizations through data-driven analysis to help improve affordability

Building Technologies & Innovation

VCHR collaborates with industry leaders to model the spread of new technologies and their implications for the economy. The Center also supports sustainability by testing the performance of green construction and studying resident outcomes by home energy efficiency strategies.

Housing Education

VCHR compiles and integrates public and proprietary data to help clients understand housing, as well as educate policymakers and the greater public of the Commonwealth through new research findings.